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We believe that human interaction and collaboration is the foundation for long lasting partnerships with customers and coworkers.


Our vision

We’re a B2B technology company specialising in conversion, payments and finance automation. We’re challenging the way big businesses operate.

Our clients

We’re for businesses, exclusively. Our services are aimed at everything from startups to international giants. Our customised approach means we’re ready to adapt and tailor solutions.

Our mission

Our mission is to digitalise the B2B industry wherever payments play a central role.

Hear from us

A message from Peder Berge, founder and CEO of Payer

The world has changed rapidly with the introduction of e-commerce. The purchase journey the worlds’ consumers has been streamlined and reduced to a simple click. 

We believe this should be the case for business buyers as well. 


Our approach

In order to be successful, we believe in collaboration to develop smarter solutions. Together as a team and with partners. 


Gentle leadership

We want to treat each other with kindness so we can create out-of-the-box thinking and trying out new things. 

Don’t settle for less

We want to encourage our great people to go that extra mile so that we can create innovative and valuable B2B-solutions. 

Build relationships

Customers are our partners. Partners are our friends. We believe in this model to give the business world better payment solutions.

Case studies

Customer success stories

No matter the size, industry or market – Payer technology can help you transform your business.

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Digital B2B payments to keep the wheels spinning

Payer’s B2B payment platform was the ideal solution to help Volvo Financial Services establish complete transparency between the truck service station and the haulage company.

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Next generation payouts

Returpack selected Payer to develop the future payout solution and that we are now live at 56 larger deposit stations called Pantamera Express. The next step is to test the solution in retail.

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“Together with Payer, with its B2B focus, we have been able to deliver an internationally scalable solution in record time.”

Hampus Hansson

Director Innovation & Strategy, Volvo Financial Services