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Returpack selected Payer to develop next generation payout solution

2 Billion.

That many glass bottles and aluminum cans was returned in the Swedish deposit return scheme in 2020. Returpack has since 1984 been responsible for this system. We are now proud to announce that Returpack selected Payer to develop the future payout solution and that we are now live at 56 larger deposit stations called Pantamera Express. The next step is to test the solution in retail.

Payer is incredibly proud that we were trusted to developed the next generation payout solution in the Swedish return deposit scheme. This is a system that all Swedes has a relationship with and is contributing to. The solution makes it really easy to get paid straight to your bank account and the app we developed gives you a great overview of your contribution, not least from a climate perspective, says Peder Berge CEO and founder of Payer

Read the full press release here (In Swedish).