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Rentail built their marketplace payment solution using Payer’s API

There are 1.2 million trailers parked on people’s driveways across Sweden. Our customer Rentail has developed a marketplace for people to rent and rent-out the mostly unused trailers. Retail used Payer’s API to develop a payment system for their marketplace so payments, settlements and pay-outs can be done seamlessly.


Five quick questions to the founder of Rentail, Dan Welander.


Please describe what Rentail’s mission is.
Rentail’s mission is to use what’s already there and by doing so make a positive impact on the environment.

What are the complexities in building a digital marketplace?
Finding out what will be of importance to the customer and at the same time balancing functionality with regulations connected to the sharing economy.

How important is the payment solution in this context?
It is very important since it supports both the customers need for easy but safe payments and at the same time fulfils financial regulations.

How did you find working with Payer’s API?
It was easy to connect the API to our solution, and it also made it possible to integrate other systems too.

Would you recommend other digital native companies to partner up with Payer?
Definitely, since they provide a complete solution that are easy to implement!


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