Payer’s new sign-up product allows you to trust new customers and let trusted customer buy with ease.

The red carpet for B2B e-commerce

Revolutionising the way business relationships are made online

Frictionless onboarding of new customers

A widget that lets you onboard new customers with as little user input as possible. Simply to create that magical and long lasting first impression

The VIP card for known customers at checkout

All your recurring customers are treated as VIP’s with Payer’s onboarding widget.

A new product from Payer

A registration product that integrates in all OSs and on all devices


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 Company data
 Integrated communication flows
 Identification of buyer
 Verification of authorised signatory
  Back-end analytics
  Real-time credit score

Exclusive invite for participation

Sign up your digital business for this closed beta.

Sign up here!

Payer are thrilled to offer the leading B2B e-commerce merchants an exclusive opportunity to develop this new technology with us. 


★ The beta test market will be Sweden initially
★ Yes, there is a waiting list due to high interest
★ The recruitment ends in November 2020
★ The test period runs through February 2021
★ The Payer product experts will be your contact
★ Your registration is non-binding of course

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