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Payer expands with In-Store Payments

Payer expands with In-Store PaymentsStockholm, 11 october 2018

New opportunities are created when Payer connects physical payment behaviour with e-commerce flows.

With extensive experience in e-commerce, Payer is now launching its payment services for all types of commerce. All payment methods in Payer’s portfolio are now offered in all channels, regardless of platform. In connection with the expansion of payment methods from e-commerce, Payer simultaneously launches card payments with fixed, mobile and embedded terminals.

The solution supports contactless and NFC-based payments to easily tap both debit cards and mobile wallets such as Apple Pay & Samsung Pay. Payer’s customers can now offer their end-customers to pay by card, bank, invoice, part payment and Swish – regardless of channel and platform.

“It is incredibly fun to finally get to tell the world about our new in store concept! Customers has demanded this for a while and therefore we are now expanding our platform to create a magical buying experience in all channels.”, says Markus Jansson, Product Manager at Payer.

Partnership with Touchtech to increase retail sales

One of the first partners to test the payment solution is Touchtech, which with its touch screens blurs the boundaries between physical store and e-commerce. On Touchtech’s screens, retail stores can increase their sales by selling products that are not in currently in stock.

The first shops to test Payer’s och Touchtech’s solution is Johnells, Sneaky Steve and Wacay. The two latter is also part of the concept The Fitting Room that is premiered in Nordstan, Gothenburg on October 11.

The challenge before was that we largely had to rely on the check-out options available on our customers’ webshops, where the consumer in the store had to use their phone to complete the purchase.

Thanks to Payer, we are now able to offer a complete solution including the payment solution out-of-the-box, “says Deniz Chaban CEO of Touchtech.

About Payer
Payer simplifies payments between companies. Payer’s services for e-commerce help companies to create amazing payment experiences online, which created sustainable relationships and increase their sales. Payer was founded in 2007 and has since the start delivered secure and smart payment solutions for e-commerce. Today, Payer is one of the leading companies in the Nordics with focus on payments for e-commerce between companies, B2B.

About Touchtech
Touchtech is an innovative Swedish company that provides retail solutions to digitise the shopping experience and increase in-store sales. The company’s products fall within the concept of ” the Endless-Aisle”. The concept aims to be able to present and offer the full range in stores via a touch screen.

Markus Jansson, Product manager, Payer
+46 (0) 760 – 06 14 48

Deniz Chaban, CEO, Touchtech
+46 (0)31 – 75 73 260

Press photos

In-Store Payments – The Fitting Room
In-Store Payments close-up at screen and payment – from The Fitting Room

The Fitting Room – Butiken
Photo – The Fitting Room – Shop 1

The Fitting Room – Butiken 2
Photo – The Fitting Room – Shop 2

All photos: David Marquez, Touchtech

Markus Jansson, Payer
Photo of Markus Jansson
Deniz Chaban, Touchtech
Photo of Deniz Chaban