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Pantamera has partnered with Payer and Universal music for the benefit of Musikhjälpen

Last week, the launch of Pantamera’s fundraising campaign went in favor of this year’s edition of the Music Aid. Pantamera has partnered with Payer and Universal music to create a concept for and to develop a payout campaign site to donate to Musikhjälpen.

Until December 12, eight of the country’s biggest e-sporters and their followers are competing by collecting deposit metal cans that PET bottles for the Music Aid (Musikhjälpen). The person who collected the most deposit money will be crowned as winner at Inferno Online in connection with the “Musikgibbet” tournament and receive the honor of donating the entire prize pool to the Music Aid.

Campaign site created by partnership

Prior to the 2018 fundraising campaign, Pantamera has partnered with Payer and created a payout campaign site to donate and compete. Universal Music, Payer and Pantamera have jointly developed the concept for the campaign page, which Payer has since developed with an integrated payment solution where everyone donates money.

Gamers across the country are invited

“-Pantamera has worked with esports in various ways for several years. It is a strong community with many dedicated people, a really fun bunch to work with! The interest in the fundraising campaign was great last year and we hope that as many people get involved this year as well. To make a deposit is to make an effort in itself – this is double charity”, says Lovisa Lannerstedt, communicator at Pantamera.

“Magical to be able to contribute to the Music Aid”

In 2017, the winning team at Musikgibbet, Tjuvjakt & yzn, received the honor of handing over the check of SEK 350,000 during the Music Aid live broadcast. This year we have a new campaign page and the hope is that the money handed over to the music aid will be significantly larger.

“-I absolutely love this kind of initiative. Payer wants to join and contribute to a positive social development and this fits us perfectly! Being able to facilitate the collection, improve the environment and contribute to the music work’s important work feels completely magical!”, says Peder Berge, CEO of Payer.

The list of e-athletes of the year can be found on the collection campaign’s website, There is also more to read about how you can contribute and compete for a place for the Music Gibbet 2018.


Lovisa Lannerstedt
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Markus Jansson
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Peder Berge, VD
Markus Jansson, Produktchef