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Payer’s Got a Brand New Bag

A trademark, or brand, is one of the most valuable strategic assets for a company next to its product and its employees. The logo, associated colours,...

Payer and United Spaces in new partnership

United Spaces and its owner, the real-estate company Castellum, has given the Swedish payments company Payer the assignment to develop payment flows for the...

Ramo Hedin new Head of Sales at Payer

Ramo Hedin stepped into the role of Head of Sales at Payer in September. The role is new and is part of Payer's new growth strategy to move into the B2B space...

Payer expands with In-Store Payments

Payer expands with In-Store PaymentsStockholm, 11 october 2018 New opportunities are created when Payer connects physical payment behaviour with e-commerce...

Payer exhibited at the B2B e-commerce expo

Payer exhibited at the B2B e-commerce expo in Gothenburg yesterday. The name has this year changed from D-Fokus to D-B2B. It was a really good event organised...


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