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Ramo Hedin new Head of Sales at Payer

Ramo Hedin stepped into the role of Head of Sales at Payer in September. The role is new and is part of Payer’s new growth strategy to move into the B2B space of e-commerce.

Ramo has many years of experience in e-commerce sales and payments and most recently came from the e-commerce platform Storm. Prior to that, he had been at WyWallet, which was the major mobile operators’ payment initiative, and was Klarna’s first employee salesman. Ramo was involved in building Klarna’s sales between the years 2006-2010.

Focus on sales

“Payer is uniquely positioned in the payment and e-commerce market for B2B and aims to create fantastic buying experiences. To reach that goal, we need amazing people – Ramo is one. Payer is now adding a focus on market and sales from having previously only developed product and set high growth goals. With Ramo, we gain unique skills to achieve these goals” , says Peder Berge, CEO and founder of Payer.

Believes in the company

“I strongly believe in the strong leadership team and company in general. There is a very unique forward spirit in combination with great humility. The level of knowledge and the pace of technology development is high and there is a warming culture that is shared with customers. Payer has a market-focused problem-solving ability that I have not experienced anywhere else. It makes me think we can make a new success story”, says Ramo Hedin.

About Payer

Payer simplifies payments between companies. Payer’s e-commerce services help companies to create fantastic buying experiences, which create satisfied customers and increase sales. Payer was founded in 2007 and since its inception has delivered secure and smart payment solutions for e-commerce. Today, Payer is one of the Nordic region’s leading companies focusing on payments for e-commerce B2B.


Peder Berge, CEO, Payer
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