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Strong growth expectations indicated new B2B report

Our friends at Litium, the B2B e-commerce platform, has published their annual B2B report of the Scandinavian market. This is what you need to know.

  1. Successful digitalisation is about understanding your customers
  2. Scandinavian B2B companies believe in digital commerce
  3. Digital commerce offers new ways to scale internationally

Driving forces for digital sales

The report states that “many B2B companies equate digital sales with streamlining to improve efficiency. They also hope to be able to simplify the company’s internal processes while meeting customer expectations for increased accessibility, improved service and a generally higher level of digitalisation.”

Factors such as accessibility and easy buying experiences seems to be important to be successful in B2B e-commerce going forward. We agree with this. Future buyers, which will be largely digital natives, are important to address in your strategy. But you shouldn’t wait until the younger generation has grown up. We are all expecting much more today from the companies we bought from 5 years ago. We are consumers, and our private expectations are reflecting strongly on our professional roles.

Strong growth expectations indicated in the B2B report

“Scandinavian B2B companies reamin positive about the growth of digital commerce and the majority agree that the market is far from saturated. 80% of the companies in the survey expect that their digital sales will continue to increase in the next three years. Wholesalers are the most positive, with as many as 89% confident in increased digital sales.”

You can download the B2B report from Litium here. Please also visit Payer’s solutions section and find out how to build amazing B2B payment experiences.