Payment solutions

The easy payout solution

Quickly and securely handle all your payouts around the world with automation. With Payer’s payout solution you can send funds to your global customers and partners with a single API request.

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Payout features

Our payout flows are designed to work around your business. Tailor your solution to fit your needs – whether you’re executing multiple micro payouts or building payouts as part of your platform experience.


Large payout

Micro payout

Timed payout


Split payout

Payment solutions

Available payout destinations

Meet your local customers’ expectations, and offer them the most relevant payout destinations for their needs.


Global card

Let your customers receive payments directly to their card.

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Bank payment

Let your customers receive payments directly in their bank account.

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We’re better together

Use payout together with other powerful Payer solutions for an even better customer experience.

Bank account fetching

Automatically fetch bank account details.

Address information

Pre-populate address fields for faster checkouts.

Invoice information

Pre-populate required fields with user information.


Validate an individual’s company mandate to place an order.

Case studies

Customer success stories

No matter the size, industry or market – Payer technology can help you transform your business.

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Digital B2B payments to keep the wheels spinning

Payer’s B2B payment platform was the ideal solution to help Volvo Financial Services establish complete transparency between the truck service station and the haulage company.

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Next generation payouts

Returpack selected Payer to develop the future payout solution and that we are now live at 56 larger deposit stations called Pantamera Express. The next step is to test the solution in retail.

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“Together with Payer, with its B2B focus, we have been able to deliver an internationally scalable solution in record time.”

Hampus Hansson

Director Innovation & Strategy, Volvo Financial Services