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Advanced bank payments

Let your customer pay for orders and invoices easily with single, recurring, and usage-based bank payments.

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More ways to pay

We make it easier than ever to initiate bank-to-bank transfers. With Payer, you can design the experience you want for your customer using our modular design and white label structure. With seamless payment flows tailored to suit your business, your customers will have an easier path to purchase.

How you choose to integrate bank-to-bank payments is up to you. Trigger transfers directly from your app or website, create tokens for regular customers, or easily accept payments initiated by the customer.


Bank payments from a website or an app

Let your customers pay digitally on your website, app, or another checkout system. Depending on your configuration, bank payment times can be sped up to almost real time.

Triggering bank payments from a token

Save time by triggering recurring or multiple payments easily using Payer’s platform. We use a simple contract and API request to make bank-to-bank transfers easier.

Incoming customer bank payments

We support one-way incoming payments from your customer to a bank account. We automate the processing of all payments across different payment types, banks, and currencies.


Stay in sync in real time

Keep all your systems in sync, and get instant access to all your payments data. With real-time payments reporting on our platform, and accessible via our modern API, you’re always in control.


Full-featured options


Payments via Payer or directly to your account

Payments can be routed via Payer’s bank account or directly to your own.


Save time and increase liquidity by setting up automated payments from your customers.

Global bank payments

Make use of rails and local bank schemes such as bankgirot, PlusGirot, and SEPA, or send payments via international IBAN accounts, ACH, and more.

Multiple bank payments schemes in the same image such as Autogiro, Plusgiro, Bankgiro, IBAN, ACH, BACS

Even better together

Save time and optimise your workflow by using Payer bank payments together with these compatible solutions.


Bank account fetching

Fetch and pre-fill bank account details automatically.

Account information

Automatically fill customer account information.

Invoice administration

Pre-fill invoicing information for your customer.

Case studies

Customer success stories

No matter the size, industry or market – Payer technology can help you transform your business.

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Digital B2B payments to keep the wheels spinning

Payer’s B2B payment platform was the ideal solution to help Volvo Financial Services establish complete transparency between the truck service station and the haulage company.

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Next generation payouts

Returpack selected Payer to develop the future payout solution and that we are now live at 56 larger deposit stations called Pantamera Express. The next step is to test the solution in retail.

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“Together with Payer, with its B2B focus, we have been able to deliver an internationally scalable solution in record time.”

Hampus Hansson

Director Innovation & Strategy, Volvo Financial Services