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Streamline with automated administration

Payer helps you go beyond optimising just conversion and payment. Our technology integrates seamlessly with your backend system to make post-purchase processes easy and reduce your manual admin.

Cut admin hours

Automation means your finance team can reduce manual admin and have more time to focus on data analysis and insights.

Powerful integration

Stay in sync automatically. Payer integrates with a range of software and systems including bookkeeping – so everything stays up to date automatically.

Real-time accuracy

Get an overview of your business in real-time, any time. With real-time updates, you can see accurate data whenever you need it.

“This particular project is a shining example of an agile development journey where we took a broad approach at first but quickly zoomed in on one particular problem. Payer is smooth to work with and the technology is top notch. The team from Payer has been responsive our needs and is quick to deliver”

Martin Kvarnered

 Project lead, Volvo Financial Services


Smart solutions

Let Payer technology automate the time-consuming post-purchase work. With your manual admin reduced, your treasury and finance employees have more time to improve relationships, innovate and problem-solve elsewhere.

API connect

Our API integrates seamlessly with any ERP, admin, accounting or CRM system – so everything is always in sync.


Develop and test your solution and integrations in our sandbox environment, and experiment with options before you go live.

Case studies

Customer success stories

No matter the size, industry or market – Payer technology can help you transform your business.

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Digital B2B payments to keep the wheels spinning

Payer’s B2B payment platform was the ideal solution to help Volvo Financial Services establish complete transparency between the truck service station and the haulage company.

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Next generation payouts

Returpack selected Payer to develop the future payout solution and that we are now live at 56 larger deposit stations called Pantamera Express. The next step is to test the solution in retail.

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Quick and easy integrated payments

Give your customers a frictionless end-to-end experience using Payer. Choose from multiple integration options, automate processes and embed payments.


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Boost conversion rates with friction-free registration. Our pre-purchase module allows you to trust new customers and let approved customers make seamless payments.

Our B2B-specific sign-up technology lets you gather customer information and credit scores with ease. With the time-consuming admin complete in a fraction of the time, your customer has a smoother path to completing their purchase.

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B2B payment methods

Give your customers a streamlined purchase experience. Our flexible payments module allows you to offer seamless invoicing, payouts, cards, and bank payments. Choose from different solutions to find the perfect fit for your needs.

Expand your reach and welcome new business opportunities. Our global, regional and local payment options mean you can easily expand into new markets.

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“Together with Payer, with its B2B focus, we have been able to deliver an internationally scalable solution in record time.”

Hampus Hansson

Director Innovation & Strategy, Volvo Financial Services